September 17, 2007

We're Back!

Well, it was a fairly long trip but Lola (my Carolla) and I made it back from our road trip to NY, PA and OH, crossing through NH, MA and CT at various points in our journey. It's so amazing to me how many states you can cross through in a relatively short time when you live in New England.

I had a lovely time visiting with Joanie and her wonderful husband David. They are fabulous hosts and I'm sure I gained at least 5 pounds on each of the brief 2 days I was there! I arrived at about 3 on Friday and was given a tour of Joanie's lovely home - including her stash room which contains a serious amount of stash! Of course we had to do some comparing and discussing of stash! I also got to meet Chrissy the Wonder Dog and the horses.
That night after a wonderful dinner of local favorites, we sat and stitched on our Stitcher's Wallets together - we talked to Sue by phone, and she was working on hers in VA so it's like we were truly SALing together. This is the only progress I have to show that is stitching related. The rest of what I worked on is an exchange piece so I can't show you my progress.

On Saturday Joanie took me to her LNS which she can walk to - very dangerous stuff! It was a nice shop with a very good selection of fibers and fabrics. I bought one piece of fabric, which you will see in the stash photo below, and the Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread I needed for my Stitcher's Wallet. The rest of the items I got at a shop in Berlin, OH. I got the top two charts for 50% off and then I think this is a relatively new Halloween chart from The Primitive Needle. Or it is just relatively new to me!

Joanie (on the right!) took me to Owego which is about 20-30 minutes away and we had a really wonderful lunch sitting outside on a deck that backed up to the Susquehanna River. It was just heavenly. That is us sitting out on the deck before we ate a really wonderful lunch and some divine dessert with some great coffee.

Then we proceeded to visit all the neat little shops in the town. Owego has some really great architecture so I had to take a few photos - of the streets where we were shopping and their court house. There is so much brick work in PA and OH that you just don't see in New England. I really enjoyed our day!
I really hated to leave for PA on Sunday - it was a rainy day and would have been perfect for stitching the day away with a dear friend! Next I will share some photos of my OH visiting.

September 6, 2007

Road Trip!

Cowboy has gone to "camp" and I am leaving tomorrow to visit Joanie and some family. I plan to take lots of pictures and have lots of stitching to show when we get back.