June 28, 2009

SAL Saturday Progress

We actually had a warm sunny day on Saturday so I took advantage of it and worked outside on my yard all day. I mowed the lawn, dug up 4 large clumps of day lilies, separated them and planted a new day lily bed on the side of the house where the grass was struggling to grow. It looks much better although I need to get some edging for the beds. In place of the day lilies, I planted hostas which will be much happier in the shade than the day lilies were. It was a huge project but the front garden looks much nicer.

As a result of all the time spent on yard work, my stitching progress was not as much as I hoped but satisfactory none the less. I think I will be able to finish this panel this coming weekend, especially since Friday is considered a holiday and I will have the day off because 4th of July falls on Saturday. Since the biggest part of my yard work is done, I'm looking forward to some serious stitching time. I hope you get some to and thanks for stopping by!

June 24, 2009

Still No Sunshine

I tell ya, this weather is making people cranky, myself included. We had the tiniest bit of sun for about 4 minutes yesterday morning and then it was back to rain and clouds and crap weather. I believe we've had 22 out of 24 days with rain this month - it's pitiful. I had hoped to photograph this piece in sunshine but seeing that's not likely for a while, I went ahead and took a picture today.

Anyway, the weather did mean I stayed indoors and finished this piece on Sunday. I just need to add the little heart button over near the words and then it will be ready to finish. I'm waffling between framing it and making it a stand up. It's for my sister so I think I will have it framed as she covets my heart wall every time she sees it.

June 22, 2009

Picking up the threads again

It's been quite a while since I have been able to put needle to thread but I've finally completed my first year of grad school and have two luxurious months of no classes. I know they will go fast and I have tons of projects I would like to accomplish during the next two months but I will be happy if I finish a few stitching projects. I actually finished one of my rotation pieces yesterday so I'm off to a good start I think.

I also managed to put some serious time into my Alexandre SAL piece and I'd be thrilled to finish at least the main part of this project before classes start again in September. Here's the third panel of four. I am still enjoying working on this piece very much but I will be glad to move on to something different once it's done.

I've been looking at all the lovely projects everyone is working on and it makes me so tempted to start something new. Since I finished my Friday rotation piece, I just might do that this week! Or I might move this SAL piece to Fridays as well as Saturdays to try and get it done.