May 3, 2015

March and April 2015 Smalls SAL projects

I realize it's May and I'm way behind but I figured I needed to share these photos to show that I've actually been doing a little bit of stitching even thought I've not been blogging at all.

First up is my 2015 March Smalls SAL project.  This was a quick stitch that I modified slightly in that I did not include a year which was shown in the chart.  I was lucky enough to have two of these little black frames in my stash and it was easy to pop the little design in.  Definitely my fastest finishing project so far!

Next up for April was a design from Les grilles des Maryse.  This was a fun little stitch and I finished it as a pillow weight.  I filled it with walnut shells and it's got a great feel to it.  I used the backing fabric that was included with this little exchange kit and I am really happy with how it turned out.  
I'm pleased that I've been pretty close to keeping up with this SAL and I've now got 4 new little items to display for Halloween this year!