July 29, 2015

May 2015 Smalls Finish

Over the weekend I managed to finish stitching the smalls ornament I chose for May and to finish it as well.  The design is Fraidy Cat by Knotted Tree NeedleArt.
I messed up the stitching in the cat and didn't realize it until I went to put in the bottom border.  I was off by one and the spacing wouldn't have looked right so I decided not to put in the top and bottom border as designed.  I think it came out okay despite the mistake. 

I need to pick something for August and I'm leaning toward a Christmas ornament as I'm kind of tired of Halloween colors in my ort jar.  Hopefully, I will keep some stitching momentum going and be able to have another finish in August.

July 20, 2015

While I was on hiatus....

I finished this pair of socks:
I started another pair.  This is the first sock which is now finished and I'm at about the same point on the 2nd.
I went to the Maine Fiber Frolic and bought some yarn.  This is for me - I think for a shawlette.   It was dyed and spun by ontheround
This is for a gift.  Dirty Water Dye Works destined to be a zigzag cowl thing. Five mini skeins in gradations of blue.  My pictures are lousy because it was gloomy when I took them and I'm too lazy to retake them.  I love being able to buy local Maine yarns.
I fell off the stitching wagon again but I think I've climbed back on.  I started this in May as my May 2015 Smalls project.  I didn't finish it nor did I stitch one for June nor for July so far so this may end up as July's entry.  This is where I left it in May:
This is where it is as of yesterday after meeting Barbara in Belfast.  I think seeing her projects kick started my interest in picking up a tiny needle again.
Summer was slow in coming to Maine this year and we've only had a handful of truly warm days.  I hope there will be more before summer ends.  I hope you're enjoying your own version of summer.