October 22, 2012

October TUSAL

Wow, two posts in the month and it's not over yet.  I am a week late in getting this photo taken and posted but here is my TUSAL as of today. 

I have not put much into it since finishing my October Word Play because I've been obsessively knitting. 

I will show you my knitting results tomorrow though because I want to be ready to catch The Voice when it starts in a few minutes.  Hope you had a good Monday.  Thank goodness they only come once a week!

October 2, 2012

September gone already?

I can't believe that it's now the 2nd of October and last week was time to post my WIPocolypse update.  I did have a finish in September and I can't wait to get this piece back from being framed.  I expect a call from the store any day now.

And I did pull out the project bag for my next focus piece which is going to be Nora Corbett's Halloween Fairy.  Here is where I left it - I'm not sure when I stopped working on it or even when I started it but it's definitely been a while.

I haven't started working on this because I've been trying to finish the October Word Play by With My Needle and Thread.  I'm almost there - just a two more pumpkins and it will be ready to finish.  I'm off to try and complete it tonight!