July 30, 2013

While I was away....

I wasn't totally unproductive.  I picked up a UFO sock which was started back in 2009 when my dad got sick.  I started a pair of Jaywalker socks for myself using some of my Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock stash.  I managed to complete the sock I had started and cast on for it's mate. 

The first one is a bit snug but I attribute that to the stress of the time during which it was worked on and it means it won't fall down!  The close up is a truer representation of the color way which is really gorgeous.  I don't think I have the ball band so I'm not able to tell you what the colorway is named.  I adore Blue Moon yarn - it's wonderful to work with and wonderful to wear.
My thanks to everyone for the nice welcome back.  I've missed being connected to other stitcher's and I hope to catch up with everyone.  I did try a bit last night but I get distracted and led off to other places sometimes so I'm going to try and be more focused with commenting.  See you soon!

July 28, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 30

So you may have noticed that I've been missing for a bit and have neglected to post my last 5 weeks of happy things but I have a good excuse for being absent. I accepted an offer on my house, packed myself up, had a yard sale and moved into an apartment 2 towns over. 

That process has kept me so busy and tired that I just couldn't think about taking photos and posting but I'm back so here goes a review of my happy things for week 30.

This is my new Tupperware cupboard after my sister unpacked and organized everything.  I have no hope that it will remain this perfect but it's made me very happy every time I've opened to cupboard doors to look for something.  My sister is a genius organizer.
This is some of the view of my new commute.  I'm about 25 minutes away from work now and I can take all back roads so it's very rural and relaxing.  Although my commute is longer, the much better view is a positive to my outlook rather than a negative.
I boarded the dog for a few days while I was moving to minimize his stress and when I picked him up on Monday, I couldn't resist snapping a picture of their garden.  This is just a small piece of the front of the house and the gardens are magnificent.  

You can see how tall some of the plants are if you notice that the homeowner is standing way back on the right side.  I absolutely am amazed at the variety of plants, color and texture they have created and they continue to work on expanding.

 And the pictures above are a separate garden I pass on my way to and from work.  I am amazed at how tall their hollyhocks (at least I think that's what they're called) are and couldn't resist stopping to take a picture on my way home on Thursday.  

I was across the street so the photos are not that great but I think you get the idea of what made me smile.  We've had a strange summer weather wise but obviously from a flower perspective, it's been a good one.  I can't wait to see what August brings!

I hope that the last 5 weeks have been filled with happy things for you and I plan to slowly work back into my routine of blogging and checking out what everyone has been working on.  Now that my craft stuff is unpacked (boy, do I have a LOT of it!), I hope to have some progress of my own to show you in the coming days.
Thanks for stopping back!