February 16, 2014

Quiet but not idle!

I didn't mean to stay away from blogging for so long but it's amazing how quickly the days add up when you tell yourself you'll write that blog post "tomorrow" multiple times.  It's been a productive two and a half weeks though so at least I have something to show you.

First up is my progress on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.  I have not been doing much stitching in the evenings the last few weeks but I was able to get quite a few lengths of thread in on the weekends so I'm still moving along fairly well.  Or should I say "sailing" along? 

This weekend is a three day weekend so I hope to get more time into this this afternoon, evening and tomorrow before it's back to the work routine. 

I also completed the baby sweater I started back in December.  This will be for the baby girl my neighbors across the hall are going to welcome any day now.  I made to 0 to 6 months size so hopefully she will be able to get some wear out of it.

Once it's done blocking, I'll add buttons and then I would really like to find a little dress to go underneath it.  The pattern is Cradle Cardigan by Hannah Fettig using Quince & Company yarn.

This was a great pattern and I adore Quince yarn so it was a great project over all.  The only thing that gave me trouble was remembering to stitch to knit stitches for the wrong side of the edge section.

And not having something on the needles made my fingers itchy so I did a stash dive and started a pair of socks that have the potential to be a Christmas gift.

I am using Spunky Eclectic sport weight in a really pretty earthtoned colorway I've had in my stash for a long time and the pattern is one of my go to patterns, Classic Socks by Yankee Knitter Designs.  This was the first pattern I learned for knitting socks and it's easy to follow that it continues to be one I reach for.

I'm doing a K3 P1 rib and since it's sport weight, it is moving along quickly.  At night when I'm too tired to stitch, this has been getting attention.

I hope you are having a great weekend and making lots of stitchy progress.  It's wicked windy outside so I'm planning to hunker down and watch some Olympics coverage and get stitching!