April 30, 2011

Celebrations Report - Part Two

Since there were so many photos in my first post, I decided to do a second one showing what I came home with.  It was a lot more than I'd planned to come home with!

Hinzeit Charts
 I picked up two charts in the Hinzeit booth along with a frame for the Maine chart.  This one has cute little charms that include a pine cone, lobster and moose.  I've admired the Shoreline chart for a while and finally broke down and bought it.  It has a cute sailboat and seagull charm.  The chart calls for a teal colored linen but I think I'm going to stitch mine on Antique White.
Chessie & Me and Maggi Co
 The charts above were purchased in the Embellished Needle booth shown below.  The Chessie and Me designs were displayed as stitched models in the booth and I was totally sucked in by how great they were.  I'm telling you, stitched models are the devil's work - irresistible!!!  It's amazing how different you can feel about a chart once you see the stitched piece.  The two charts by Maggi Co were new to me and just so interesting.  For the one at the bottom right, there are directions to make fabric circles to be appliqued onto the linen for the trees.  Not sure if I will do that as there is also a chart for stitching the trees.
Assorted charts
 I also bought the Anniversaries of the Heart Chart 11, my first ever Just Nan which I immediately kitted up after taking the photos and plan to start tonight, and the other two charts shown.
Fabrics and Fibers
I was pretty subdued on fabric purchases this year.  I bought a fat quarter of 32 Antique White for the Nan chart and a fat quarter of cream which is called for in the By the Bay Halloween chart shown above.  The silks on the left were marked down to $4.00, the greens in the center are for the Just Nan Bird Alphabet above and the Crescent Colors will be used to kit up my Halloween ornament shown in yesterday's post.  The little square in the middle was a neat gadget that I couldn't resist.  A square to help you measure where to start your stitching.

That's all for now - I'm off to start a new chart!

Celebrations Report

Today I drove down to NH to meet up with Nancy and do a little stash enhancement and stitching as well as catch up on everything that has been going on in both our lives over the last year.  It was a lot!!  I took my camera and actually remembered to take some photos.  First up are some photos of the show.
The Gate to Stitch Heaven!
Here are two photos of the Scandinavian Stitches booth - Nancy and I drooled over all the great linen banding, German and Scandinavian designs and books and the great models on display.  I managed to leave this booth without doing too much damage!

Scandinavian Stitches Booth

Scandinavian Stitches too
This was part of the amazing display of antique samplers and sewing related items that were available for purchase.  Oh what I wouldn't have given for a few extra thousands of dollars.  Would you believe they do layaway?  20% down and a monthly payment of some of these beauties could be had.  Unfortunately, not in my budget!

Antique Sampler Vendor
And another booth in which I spent a fair amount of time - and cash!  This was the Embellished Needle from Illinois.

All in all I thought it was a great vendor section this year.  I had not been to Celebrations in about three years and really liked how they had changed to booth set up compared to the last time I was there.  The available stitching area however left a lot to be desired.  It seemed that there was bands of stitchers that staked out sitting space in the lobby and would not let any others sit in the space even if it one of their group members was off taking a class or shopping.  Very uncharitable behavior and there was quite a bit of grumbling about it among other stitchers. 

April 29, 2011

Back to regularly scheduled crafting

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted.  I gave my final presentation for my Masters degree on March 9th and then stayed away from the computer for almost a month.  I've done tons of reading whatever I want with no guilt whatsoever which is such a welcome change from the past two years.

I also picked up my needle again and started and finished two ornaments for exchanges I am in this year.  The first finish was my Christmas ornament which is the Stained Glass Tree from last years JCS ornie issue.  A lot of stitching but really nice when it's finished. 

 The second finish was for a Halloween ornament for a Halloween ornie exchange I'm in with the same group.
Every month I receive a fully kitted Christmas and Halloween ornie for my own stitching and I am responsible for kitting up both of these, including the backing fabric, to send to the rest of those in the group.

Tomorrow I'm going to NH for the Celebration of Needlework event in Nashua.  I have not been in three years and I'm really looking forward to going to the shopping mart and meeting up with the talented Nancy B who I have not seen in over a year.  Stop back for a full report!