July 5, 2011

How to do 4th of July

Some of us spent a few hours on a warm day walking in the town 4th of July parade while others of us lounged around in air-conditioning after a short sunbathe.  Who do you think was the smarter one?  We were blessed with lots of sunbathing weather for the long weekend and I for one was very grateful for it.  It seems that summer has finally arrived in Maine.

On another note, I need some crochet help.  I am trying to make some crocheted dishcloths and have questions about my gauge/tension.  This was done with single crochet and I used the recommended hook size.  I seem to have gotten the 12 stitches to 4 inches stated but not the row gauge.  Does it look like my crochet is too loose?  Should I go down a hook size and try again?  I am thinking that there shouldn't be so many gaps if I've done it correctly. Here's what I was trying to achieve.  Any help is appreciated!