April 16, 2012

Weekend's Work

I was able to get quite a bit stitched on BBD's Anniversaries of the Heart #1 over the weekend.  The weather was glorious and although it was a busy weekend with cooking, a varsity lacrosse game and visiting with family, I'm really happy with my progress. 

We are having a streak of unseasonably warm weather which has motivated me to begin the transfer of the winter clothes into storage and the washing and trying on of all the summer things that were packed away.  I hope this warmth and sunshine sticks around but knowing New England weather, I am not going to hold my breathe.

I hope that if your state was one of the ones impacted by this weekends weather, that you escaped relatively unscathed and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, their homes and those that were injured as well as those that will be helping others to rebuild their lives.

April 13, 2012

Are you superstitious?

My niece just informed me that there will be four Friday the 13ths this year with today being the first one. Are you one to worry about those kinds of things?  I'm not for the most part but I do know others that take them very seriously.  I hope whatever you are doing today it will be a blessed day with no bad things happening!

Thanks for the kind comments on my WIP progress.  I've been more into stitching the last few weeks or so and today I thought I'd share my progress with the Anniversaries of the Heart that Britt and I are SALing on.  She has been far more productive than I have been but I do hope to catch up a bit more by getting this first one done soon.  I have a long weekend away so I plan to devote as much time as possible to this project. 

It's Orthodox Easter this weekend so I am with family getting ready to celebrate with some delicious marinated lamb kabobs, spanikopita, moussaka and baklava - all hand made from my BIL's family recipes.  Καλό Πάσχα!!

April 9, 2012

WIPocolypse Update

I'm pleased to be able to share some actual progress on two of my WIP pieces this time around.  First up is my HAED Storey Keeper piece which I worked on for Sunday UFO stitching on the 1st.  I completed two 10x10 blocks.  I am always amazed at how those teeny-tiny over one stitches manage to form the picture.  There are a ton more to go but I'm glad to have picked it up.

Next up is BBD's Winter Wonderland which I had a hard time putting down to take a picture.  I was able to get quite a bit done since the last time I worked on it.

April 3, 2012

Crushing on Crochet

I absolutely adore the look of crochet.  While I know how to crochet, it's not something that I do well.  For some reason I always seem to have one more stitch than I'm supposed to.  However, when I saw these adorable coasters on this blog on Friday, I just couldn't resist attempting them. 

On Saturday I stopped at Michael's to pick up the yarn called for and started my first coaster.  Of course there was some ripping out and repeating before the first one was completed but I'm pretty pleased with the end result so far. 

I have to say I am not a fan of the Martha Stewart yarn - I find it a pain to work with but after switching to a bamboo hook, it was less of a pain.  I'm persevering because I adored the colors in the original photos.  I will definitely look for an alternative though because I think these would make a really cute gift.  Now I just need to see if I can master the basket!

April 2, 2012

Belated TUSAL photo

I obviously got a bit lost in the last half of March and neglected to post from where ever I disappeared to so my March TUSAL photo is quite late.  I did take the photo relatively on time, just never made it to the upload and blogging part of the process.  A lot of what went into the jar in March was the ripped out threads from my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart first go round.  There are threads from 2 exchanges in there too.  Aren't those daffodils lovely?  My favorite spring time flower.  They gave the living room the sweetest smell for a good week.

I have some more catching up to do but I need to get back to a crochet project that is calling my name.  I will show you more about that tomorrow!  Hope your April is off to a good start.....