February 2, 2011

Welcome to February

This is what my February looks like with more of the same in store for the next 26 days.  This is crunch time for completing my masters project paper.  I've turned my dining room into command central as it's the only surface large enough for all of my paper piles. 

 Here is what I'd rather be working on instead of my paper but by March 9th the view above will be come this one below as much as I like.  So the granny square blanket will grow and be completed, the little metal tackle box containing my ornament in progress will be open instead of closed and the two project bags next to the coffee table will be emptied and filled continuously with knitting, stitching and crochet projects.  I might even be able to finish my niece's quilt before she starts college in the fall. 

 I was planning to take this Friday off to work on my paper, however "the storm of the century" provided a better opportunity to take today off instead.  We were blessed by the fact that we got only snow - about 8 or 9 inches I think.  The blessings of the weather being so cold is that the snow was fluffy rather than wet and heavy.  This is to view across the street to the neighbors - the banks are getting pretty high.
 This is the view down the front steps - can you barely make out the difference between the snowbank and the street?  It's kind of hard.....
 And the view up the street (complete with icicles hanging from the eaves that will grow rapidly.  The snowbank in the drive is almost to the middle slat of the fence.  If we get much more, I'm not sure where it will go around town.  You take your life in your hands edging out of streets to be able to see past the snowbanks as it is. 
The one great thing is that the visible daylight continues to grow - more than an hour now - and I really, really appreciate that.  Now for a few more days of sun to melt some of this stuff down before the next batch arrives.  Which I'm sure it will!

Hopefully I will be back with some stitchy, knitty or crochet goodness soon.  Until then, keep up the incentive I am seeing around the blog-o-sphere.  You guys are working on some really lovely projects and I am very jealous!