January 27, 2008

Stitchers Wallet and a Mystery Start

Here is the progress on my Stitcher's Wallet. This is actually progress from the week and not just Friday night stitching. I took this to work with me last week and was able to work on it during my lunch hour two or three times during the week. I probably won't have time to do that this week but if I get up early enough, I might work on it before Friday.

I also started the new Papillon mystery project. Here is my progress so far. This piece is full of wonderful specialty stitches and I really like how it's turning out. I'm using 32 count linen in Toasted Almond and Needlepoint Inc. Silks.

I've chosen a cream, two blues and a brown (the one on the right is the one I ended up using) for my flowers to coordinate with a quilt I'm making for my bedroom. I repainted my bedroom this weekend and the bathroom two weeks ago so I'm on a bit of a roll. The color is Benjamin Moore Beacon Grey which is a bluish gray color. I think this piece will look great in the room once it's framed - at least I hope it does once the rest of the design is revealed!

January 21, 2008

Hope for spring?

It was quite cold here today - maybe mid-teens with a really wicked wind that brought the temp down to single digits. It was nice to come home to see my hyacinth in bloom - a little breathe of spring even though we've got quite a way to go before we see that up here. My friend Mulan gave me the bulb all rooted for Christmas and I'm enjoying the fragrance of the blooms as I sit in my office.

I managed to put a tiny bit of time into my Stitcher's Wallet SAL piece both last Friday and the Friday before. As you can see from the progress - or lack of! - I've not worked on it that much. I've been so tired on Friday nights that I can only manage a small amount of stitching without frogging. I'm going to try and pick this up a bit this week and see if I can make more noticeable progress.

I also received my Christmas exchange package from Germany last week. Manu stitched me the most gorgeous pillow and sent some wonderful goodies as you can tell from the photos. The gummy bears she sent are gone as of tonight and the chocolate is about half-way gone!

January 9, 2008

Some lovelies in the mail

Yesterday when I got home, I had this lovely, unexpected surprise waiting for me from a dear friend. She makes the best scissor fobs and this one is no exception. Lovely colors and a cute little flip flop to remind me that summer will eventually arrive again! Thank you Sue, I will put it to good use.
I also did a little end of the year stash enhancement from ABC Stitch Therapy. I always look through their clearance pages but usually manage to refrain from buying. I decided to give in and order a few charts and a Sampler and Antique Needlework issue. I really love the pin cushion on the front and plan to stitch it one of these days!

January 6, 2008

UFO Sunday

This was my view out my office window this morning. Although it was fairly warm with lots of melting going on, it was a dreary, grey day. I just could not get motivated to start painting wooodwork trim so instead I spent the day working on my HAED Storey Keeper WIP.
Can you believe I put in 400 stitches on this today? It just seems so puny looking but I worked down another row to the bottom of the page. I've still got a column and a half to go before the first page is finished. I swear I'm going to be working on this 10 years from now! I definitely need to get some small projects going so I get a sense of accomplishment. I'm going to try and work regularly on this on Sundays to see if I can make some progress.
This week I'm going to be focusing on my Valentine exchange piece and see if I can't finish the stitching off.

January 3, 2008

Colder than....

blue snow? Or some blue sock yarn? LOL On top of all the snow we've had this week, today was quite cold, -2 degrees Farenheit when I came through town and the high was 10. Yeeha it was a nose hair freezer day - or one where the snow looks blue if you dig deep. Sigh.... remind me why I live in Maine again? My brain is so frozen I can't think - not to mention my toes and nose and fingers.

The yarn above is my last installment in the 2007 Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club. It's called ... Bella Coola! I did not sign up for 2008 Sock Club but my friend Kathy did so I get to live vicariously through her and the blogs of others who joined.

I've been working along on my Valentine's exchange piece and finished the back of my cardigan project and started one of the front sides. I will post a photo of that over the weekend I think.

I hope wherever you are, you are keeping warm!