May 23, 2010

Block 3 Happy Dance

I would have had this to show yesterday however as I was getting ready to stitch the bottom border in, I realized that my pears were one stitch lower than they should have been. Did you hear my scream of frustration?

I spent last night picking them out and starting over. But it's done - woohoo! I think I may wait until June 1 before starting Block 4. It's a big one with a lot of fill (I'm going to work the block immediately below this one) so I'm thinking it might be good to take a little break from this piece. Three blocks down and only 9 more to go!

May 14, 2010

Somebody make me stop!

On Thursday, I traveled to NH for a graduate student luncheon prior to tomorrow's graduation ceremony. Even though I have a class to finish and my capstone project to write, I am able to walk in graduation tomorrow because I will have completed all my degree requirements before the end of this year.

In a happy coincidence, I got an email on Monday from ABC Stitch that an order I had place a while back was ready to be shipped as were two pieces of fabric I ordered last year. Since Grantham is only about 45 minutes from where the college is, I decided to pick up my order in person. First up is a photo of the two fabrics from last fall. One is 40ct Pear (I hope I can remember what design it was for!) and the other is a piece called R&R Bitty Betty Brew for Raise the Roof's Cackle chart.
I had received a $50 gift card for admin professionals day in April and decided to use it for stash. ABC had 20% off CHS charts so I took advantage of the sale and ordered Shores of HRH and Fredrika which turned out to be back ordered. And I've fallen in love with the new LK Green series of charts so I got those and some Trilogy trees that I think will be quick stitches.

And as if that weren't enough, Contocook Needlework Gallery was only about 15 minutes from the college so I stopped there on my way back to Maine. This was my first time at Contocook but it certainly won't be my last. The shop is quite small in size but its packed with a fairly decent selection of charts as well as a fabulous selection of fibers. There is also a small stitching area in back which the owner uses for stitch ins on Saturdays. If you're in the area, this shop is definitely worth a visit. I picked up a few charts, some fibers and I couldn't resist a piece of 30ct WDW Guacamole fabric. The photo definitely doesn't do the color justice - its a fabulous green in reality.

Someone really needs to make me stop buying stash PLEASE!

May 10, 2010

Moving along

Little by little, I am making forward progress on finishing Block 3 of my C@HRH piece. I need to finish up the peacock and the fruit that's to the left of the basket and then just complete the rest of the border and this block will be done. I am hopeful I might even be able to finish it up this weekend if I don't have too much work for class. I will find that out on Wednesday and then see what stitching I can fit in around reading and writing for my class.

Hope your Monday was a good one!

May 8, 2010

A wonderful way to spend a rainy day!

This morning I was thrilled to hear the patter of rain drops. It meant I wouldn't be able to do any yard work and had the whole day to spend as I liked since I'm between classes for a brief moment. I thought about spending it stitching but I had a manicure/pedicure scheduled for 9am so I knew I was going to be out of the house.
Instead of coming back and stitching, I headed to the coast and went bumming around in Wells. There are tons and tons of antique and consignment shops up and down Route 1 and since its early in the year, navigating Route 1 on a Saturday was not too bad. I headed south first where the first stop I made was to Annie's Book Stop which is a used bookstore where you can bring in your paperbacks for credit. I found 4 books there that I had been looking for. The next stop was to the Sweatshirt Outlet. I have been wearing one particular crew neck sweatshirt to threads and it was time to try and find some alternatives. I found a red and an orange sweatshirt on the $9.99 rack so I left happy.

By then my stomach was rumbling something fierce so it was time to make my way north on Route 1 to Maple Leaves for some sushi. A pot of hot tea, some yummy wonton soup and a spider and Philadelphia roll combo set me up with enough energy to hit my favorite antique/consignment places.
At Cattail Antiques, I found this great pair of embroidery scissors for $20 and a large roll of spring green grosgrain ribbon and a package of three spools. I wasn't especially interested in what was on the spools as much as the wooden spool form. I will pull the silver wire that's currently on there off and replace it with some trim or cording at some point. And I think the ribbon will work great for finishing purposes.

Next up was a thrift shop for an animal rescue group that I had never been in. I found an old Gregg typing manual that I just had to have for memory's sake. Did you learn to type as a freshman using this or a similar manual? I did! I also found the cookbook by Ina Garten and it was only $1.50! What a great deal. I also bought the David Sedaris book and two sleeves of buttons that will be for an exchange partner so no photo of them.

It was time to head home and on my way, I stopped in at the Country Mouse antique shop. This is a two story barn divided into many little mini shops and in one section, I found a shelf with 4 or 5 sewing baskets. One had a bunch of old Coats & Clarks embroidery threads that I really pondered. Another had a bunch of sewing items and was a neat square shape but I passed on that for this great round basket. Usually when you see these round baskets, they contain a bunch of stuff so if you've never opened the lid - better do it next time!

Mine had a great tomato pincushion with attached strawberry, a bunch of wooden spools of threads with some empty spools, and a bunch of finished crochet pieces like those show in the photo. I'm sure I can figure out a way to use them in finishing a project or too. I was really excited to find this basket - it was reasonably priced at $17.50 and well worth it to get the pincushion and the thread spools. Some of the other stuff I will not keep as it was more contemporary and not stitching related per se.

All in all, I came home quite content. Hope you had a great Saturday too!

May 7, 2010

Planning for more time

123 Stitch had a 20% off sale recently and I just couldn't resist. I bought the 3rd in the new BBD series, Cape Cod Boys to go with the Cape Cod Girls I already had and the new Lizzie Kate Dog Lessons.

I just finished my 2nd to the last class last night so I'm down to one more formal 7 week class and then its time to write my capstone project. I'm thinking once this last class is over, I should have a little more time for stitching and hence the continued shopping. I have been a bit out of control this year so I really need to stop browsing online shops and blogs because that's where I get sucked into buying more. Okay, I blame it all on you guys out there who are working on such wonderful projects. The temptation is too great! And Joanie posted a new BBD that has me drooling so I'm sure I'll be giving into temptation again really soon.

For all you wonderful mother's out there, I hope you are made to feel wonderfully special on Sunday! Happy stitching!

May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

I can't believe it's already the first of May. It's been an absolutely gorgeous spring day here. I got my flower beds mulched early and just came back from the dog park and am contemplating a nap before I start working on the paper I have due on Thursday. I've been avoiding it something fierce so I really need to just sit down and get going on it. I'm such a procrastinator.

I was not at all successful on the goals front in April - just too busy with school and everything else life has been throwing me these days. I did make some progress on Block 3 of C@HRH but didn't get it done as I'd hoped. Here's where I left off as of yesterday.

My goals for last month were as follows:

1. Finish Block 3 of C@HRH - Not done
2. Finish another Christmas ornament - Not even started!
3. Start Block 4 of C@HRH - Not a stitch

My goals for May are basically the same as April - maybe I'll have better luck!

1. Finish Block 3 of C@HRH
2. Finish a Christmas ornament
3. Start Block 4 of C@HRH

I hope you are enjoying a lovely May Day where ever you are. Two older ladies at the dog park were discussing the tradition of making baskets out of crepe paper and filling them with flowers and candy and secretly leaving them on neighbors doorsteps. It seems no one does that any more unfortunately. I think it would be a nice tradition to resurrect - who wouldn't like to find a pretty basket of goodies on the doorstep? Do they still have this tradition in your neighborhood?