November 23, 2014

Sunday Summary

I don't have any cross stitch progress to show you but I have made some crochet headway on both my wrap and Special Olympics scarf projects.

I'm just kind of making my own pattern for the scarf using half-double crochet.  I an not a fan of the red and orange together so I decided to band them together with the green and have been happier with the way the project looks.

And I managed to put a few more rows into the wrap pattern while I was doing laundry this weekend.  I'm only working two days this week so I hope to get time to work on both projects during the Thanksgiving holiday and over the weekend.

After a very cold and windy week, we had a wonderful, sunny day in the 50s so I took advantage and spent quite a bit of time outdoors.  Beau and I took a very long walk and then I vacuumed my car and switched the floor mats for the winter weather version.  I hope wherever you are, you enjoyed your Sunday!

November 12, 2014

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2015

A small article (it was likely the picture of Red Heart yarn that did it) in one of the local papers that come free in my mailbox every week caught my eye and had me reading about a project for the upcoming winter Special Olympics that will take place in January.

The goal is to receive 500 scarves for the participants to wear during the games.  There are specific colors to be used and today, my box arrived from Joanne Fabrics.  I'm by no means a fast knitter but I do hope I can get at least one each done and mailed out in time.

This link will take you to the flyer that lists the specific colors they are asking for.  I'm sure it would be even more special if they received scarves from outside Maine.  Hint, hint, hint!

November 9, 2014

Growing on me

I've been able to devote some time to my cross stitch project and it's starting to grow on me now that I have more colors put in as Laura commented.  I think the fact that it's over one also charms me.

In addition to growth on this project, I started another yarn project.  My fingers were itching to start something new so I dug through my stash and decided to start this very simple crochet shrug I'd downloaded from Lion Brand a few years ago.
I bought the yarn it called for in the color way shown so I'm using Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in the Woodlands colorway,  It feels really good to be working from stashed yarn that's been in my yarn storage for at least 4 years! 
It's the perfect project for watching TV as it's single crochet in the back loop until you reach the given size and then it's just seamed together.  Perfect for watching The Voice tomorrow night!

I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is a smooth one!

November 4, 2014

Needle has met thread and fabric!

Well, I finally picked up my needle and did some actual stitching on Sunday.  I was very productive on Sunday and that extra hour meant I had no excuse for not doing some work on what I hope will be a Christmas present - this year.

Here is where I started.  This was supposed to be a graduation gift but I'm moving a little slow - as usual. 

And here's where I left off on Sunday evening.  Not bad progress.  I'm using DMC and stitching over one on some 30 ct. I had in my stash.  I don' t love the colors but I was in a hurry to get going and just used what was called for rather than dig through my stash to find something I liked better.  Now as I look at it, I wish I hadn't been so lazy.  However, I'm not frogging over one so it's either going to be finished as is or I'll scrap it and start over. 

I also took a picture of my PS All Hallow's Eve which obviously didn't get completed in time for Halloween this year as I had planned.  But there's always next year!

I should stitch on it some more this evening but my fingers are itching to start a new knitting project.  If I manage to decide which one to start, I might have something to show later this week.

November 2, 2014

Winter has arrived

This is the current view out of my office/craft space window unfortunately.  It won't stick but it still has a psychological impact.
It's a good thing my knitting needles have been busy.  About a month ago, I visited Casco Bay Fibers in Freeport for the first time to look for some yarn for a hat one of my nieces requested.  I found a beautiful gray in Cascade 128 but also fell in love with this tealy-green yarn from Skacel called Simplinatural by HiKoo. 

The shop had a sample Lowbrow Hat and Cowl made up and I made the mistake of feeling and trying it on.  I didn't realize the price per skein until I hit the counter but by that time, I was sold.  This was a great yarn to work with and the two pieces are cozy and perfect for the weather.

Just yesterday afternoon, I finished the cowl to match the hat I completed earlier.  And the cable knit hat I made for my niece didn't take the second skein I thought it would so I knit one for myself for dog walking.
I hope you remembered to set your clocks back an hour.  I'm going to take advantage of the extra hour to do some cross stitching which as been in very short supply around here lately.

September 11, 2014

Heading toward the finish line

I have some progress to share on the two major things I've been working on over the last month or so.  First up is my Lotus Blossom tank.  My goal was to complete it in time to wear it this year but I don't think that's going to happen. 

The major knitting was completed at the end of August and then last weekend I finally got it blocked. 

Now I need to join the pointy ends and finish the armholes and neckline and then it will be totally complete.  However, the weather has turned decidedly fallish so I doubt I'd wear it this year unless I put something under it. 

And then there is my PS All Hallow's Eve.  I've made a bit more progress since I took this photo but not enough to take another picture.  I would guestimate I'm about 3/4 of the way through.

August 19, 2014

Seasonal signs

It was 45 degrees when I got up this morning.  We've had a much cooler August that I ever remember with temps in the 70s and very few making it into the 80s.  It feels strange and it's got everyone worried it will be an early winter.  Even if I do managed to finish my Lotus Blossom tank by the end of the month, I think it might be too cool to wear it!

There are lots of these dropping all over the place and I'm really starting to see the leaves of the maples turning on my way to work.  Can I just say I'm not ready for that yet?

However, I am getting ready for my favorite fall holiday!  I picked this up on my way back from Cape Cod a few weeks ago in the hopes that it would get my stitching mojo going again.  I love Halloween stitching.  It didn't work immediately but last week I picked up a UFO and started stitching again. 

This is PS All Hallow's Eve where I left off the last time I was working on it (can't remember when that was!).

And here is where I am after some weekend stitching. Tonight I need to give my knitting some attention but this one is tempting me to keep going so it can be framed and ready for Halloween - this year!

On another note, some of us are a bit under the weather.  Beau had an emergency vet visit on Friday because he couldn't sit down and was carrying his tail like it was broken.  Turns out I'm the worst pet mom ever because he had several different issues going on that I was clueless about and required some medications and the dreaded collar to prevent him from further aggravating the hotspot on his tail. 

He looks so pitiful and I didn't last long with him making him wear the collar.  He's doing much better but I think his feelings are quite hurt at being made to look so embarrassing.