December 31, 2007

Some End of the Year Finishes

The last part of my year was taken up primarily with exchange stitching. I had a December birthday exchange due as well as a Christmas exchange. Now this may not look Christmas-ey but it was requested by the person I stitched it for. It is from the PS Pumpkin Patch chart and my first attempt at ruched ribbon finishing. Laura seemed to like it and I really like how the ribbon turned out. I will definitely try this technique again.

My next attempt was a biscornu for Leigh's birthday. I had never tried this technique before but I'm glad I did as it was easier than I thought it would be. I waffled on whether or not to add a button in the center but decided against it. The design is one I purchased from Creative Poppy. I really love being to able to download and stitch a chart instantly - very handy when the closest LNS is an hour away.

I started another exchange piece yesterday - this time for Valentine's day. I won't be able to show the progress on that but will remember to post a photo once its been received.
Are you going to be starting a new project tomorrow in honor of the new year? I feel a strong urge to but I also have several large WIPS (one almost a UFO) that I really need to make some progress on so I'm going to try and resist the urge. I did order a few clearance charts from ABC Stitch Therapy this week so maybe I will start one of those when they arrive. Stay tuned!
I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy 2008!

December 30, 2007

Not a sock knitting

Believe it or not, I've started something that isn't a sock! I started this Everyday Cardigan project from the book "Hip to Knit" which I think might be the first knitting book I bought after I learned how to knit again. I bought the yarn - Manos del Uruguay kettle dyed - at a Superbowl Sunday sale in 2004 I think. I absolutely love the colors in this and this knits up quite quickly. I started this project on the 24th and have been trying to work a bit on most days since then. I received a blocking board from Patterworks for Christmas from my family which is great as it will come in handy for finishing off this project.

December 29, 2007

End of Year Stitcher's Wallet Progress

Well, this is the last of my progress for 2007. I managed to finish the third panel so there's only one more to go and the stitching part will be done. I have promised myself that I will immediately start on the finishing so that it doesn't languish away in a drawer. I am probably going to end up giving the lady a bit of a face because I can't stand just having a blank one - gives me the creeps!

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to purchase a live tree this year or one of the fake ones with the lights already on it. A peek at my bank balance had me looking for another alternative so I decided to use the wire tree I bought this summer. I think it's quite festive looking but I need to stitch some ornaments this coming year as their a still a number of "branches" that don't have something on them.

I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

December 24, 2007

Stitchers Wallet SAL Progress

It's been a while since I was able to pick this up due to exchange stitching. Life has also been very busy so I've not been working on this piece as usual on Friday nights. However, I did pick it up on Saturday and spent a luxurious day stitching just for me! I got all of the wording stitched on the third panel and most of the frame completed. I had really hoped to have this completed by the end of the year but that's not going to happen. I do plan to keep working on it though as my commitment stitching has slowed down for a little bit.