April 8, 2009


I made a little bit of progress on my stitching rotation last week and here are a few photos of what I worked on. This is the Peace Ornament from the 2008 JCS ornament issue. I switched to the border for a bit because I was so bored with stitching all that white of the dove. I didn't get to work on this yesterday so I won't have progress to show until next week. Sorry the photo is so lousy but this is a hard piece to get a good picture of. Plus we've had very little sunshine over the last week so there's not much hope of getting a better view.

Next up is my CHS piece. I love working on this piece even though I'm stitching slowly. I hope to make more progress on it this evening if I can keep my eyes open. I love the colors in the piece.

And finally I made a fair amount of progress on the HIH heart I'm stitching for my sister. I love their little kits as they stitch up so quickly. I will definitely finish this and get it framed before their anniversary at the end of August.

I did a tiny bit of stitching on my SAL Alexandre and Halloween Fairy pieces over the weekend but not enough to be really worth a photo and post. I should have more to show this weekend. I hope you're week is going as fast as mine is!