July 30, 2008

Not sure I'm worthy!

Jill was kind enough to nominate me as a Kreative blogger - thank you Jill! I'm not sure I deserve the honor because I haven't been very good at keeping up with this blog but I do appreciate the kindness.

Here are the rules for this award:

• The winner may put the logo on her blog.

• Put a link to the person you got the award from.

• Nominate 5 blogs.

• Put links to the blogs.

• Leave a message for your nominees.

It's torture only nominating five as there are so many kreative bloggers out there!

My nominees for Kreative Bloggers are:

On a stitching note, I sewed this BBD piece into a pillow form over the weekend finally. I just need to find some of the crushed walnut shell pet bedding the designers recommended for stuffing the pillow. My local pet store didn't have it of course so now I need to call Petsmart to see if they have it in stock before I trek up there. With gas prices these days, I really try to keep my long trips to a minimum and combine errands where ever I go. Sad how much we took for granted before the gas prices woke us up.

I've also made a bit more progress on my little Halloween piece and started a crochet project which I will show you soon! Thanks for stopping by and my apologies to all of you creative bloggers that I didn't name - I know you're out there!

July 27, 2008

Free Time!

Well, my last birthday exchange package is going into the mail tomorrow and I have absolutely no stitching obligations looming on the horizon. I'm free to pick up and work on anything I like. I've resurrected my Summer of Socks start from vacation and pulled out a little Halloween chart I started a while back and put away.
It feels great to not have any projects hanging over my head although I am starting to think about Christmas presents but those have a much longer completion horizon. I also plan to get back to reading and commenting on blogs as I've felt quite out of the loop. I can't wait to see what everyone's been working on while I've been buried. And I have a couple of crochet projects I want to get going on so I don't forget how to do it!

July 16, 2008

Whoohoo I won!

Barbara at Mainely Stitching has a random draw for a really neat CHS design that I had never seen before and I was the winner - how lucky am I? Thank you Barbara for giving away this chart. I think I will dig through my stash and see if there isn't something that someone else might want. Stay tuned!

By the way, have you seen the adorable hand-worked items she has been crafting and putting in an Etsy shop? If not, go over and check out the adorable birds and bunnies. I swear I don't know how moms find the time to do these things. I have no kids and while I do work full time, I still should be able to accomplish more in my spare time.

I'm still plugging away on commitment stitching - very close to being done on one rather large piece - the end is in sight. My goal is to have it ready to mail on Saturday or Monday at the latest and then I need to finish something that's been waiting forever and hurry up and start another July gift.

I also wanted to share a ph0to of a sampler I had framed when I did my button cards. It has been finished for an embarassingly long time (probably close to two years) when I finally had the urge (and the extra money)to get it framed. It's a BOAF chart and I love the frame. It was something my framer had recently gotten in and of course was nothing that I had in my head when I got to her shop. Does that happen to anyone else? It's now hanging over my bed.
Thanks for everyone's kind comments on my recent exchanges. I'm trying to get back to regularly reading and commenting on your blogs too so bear with me. I think I need to get up earlier in the morning!

July 13, 2008

Color Exchange Sent

Here is the stitched portion of what I sent to my color exchange partner. She chose the color pink and I made this scissor fob - the design is the same on both front and back. I had fun shopping for additional pink things to include with this fob and the recipient seemed to enjoy what I sent along. Currently, I am working on finishing the stitching on a birthday piece, doing the finishing on a second birthday piece and have yet to start another birthday piece - all do in July! Can you see why I haven't been posting much? After that last exchange is gone, I'm taking a break from exchange stitching so that I can concentrate on stitching something for me for a change! Hear that? You MUST help keep me to my commitment. LOL

Color Exchange

I know it's been a while since I've posted - lots going on. Part of the reason is that I've been buried in exchange stitching and not able to post photos of what I've been working on. I can't remember the last time I stitched on something for myself - since at lease April I think! And for some reason, I don't seem to be making a lot of progress on anything!

Anyway, I was in another color exchange back in June - I think this is my favorite type of exchange. You pick a color and then your partner stitches something using that color and includes some goodies with the same color as well. This time, the group was kind enough to humor me in wanting to have a color combination - blue and brown - two of my favorites! Here are photos of what my partner stitched for me - didn't she do an absolutely amazing job. The pieces are just not done justice by the photos and I was thrilled with the package. Thanks Nancy K!

I will post what I sent in another post.