September 2, 2008

Labor from Labor Day Weekend

Thanks everyone for your kind words on my eyesight issues! Knowing I have good company definitely makes me feel better. I am a sharing a picture of the new cheaters I got recently - they perfectly match the fob I got in a color exchange this summer don't they? Thanks to Nancy K. for the fob and my boss for finding the cheaters and persuading me I had to have them! LOL Sue, I envy you your shop with all the good cheaters!

Here is my progress update on My Mark's Grace. I am off by one row on the whole of the design but I still think it's coming along nicely. I was able to accomplish quite a lot while watching a marathon of CSI Las Vegas shows yesterday. I've never seen this show before but Spike TV was running them back to back Sunday and Monday so I'm a bit hooked now.

And finally my progress on Nora Corbet's Halloween Fairy. I'm obviously way behind Carol but I'm pretty pleased with how fast this design is going along.