May 7, 2010

Planning for more time

123 Stitch had a 20% off sale recently and I just couldn't resist. I bought the 3rd in the new BBD series, Cape Cod Boys to go with the Cape Cod Girls I already had and the new Lizzie Kate Dog Lessons.

I just finished my 2nd to the last class last night so I'm down to one more formal 7 week class and then its time to write my capstone project. I'm thinking once this last class is over, I should have a little more time for stitching and hence the continued shopping. I have been a bit out of control this year so I really need to stop browsing online shops and blogs because that's where I get sucked into buying more. Okay, I blame it all on you guys out there who are working on such wonderful projects. The temptation is too great! And Joanie posted a new BBD that has me drooling so I'm sure I'll be giving into temptation again really soon.

For all you wonderful mother's out there, I hope you are made to feel wonderfully special on Sunday! Happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

I guess I need to sign up for 123stitch's newsletter, as I totally missed the sale and quite like ordering from them. You got some great stash!

Le blog de marylin said...

Hello, what beautiful works of sewing! Which patience I am admiring in front of your blog
Best regards of France

Danielle said...

I've been pretty good about not buying too much new stash, but seeing your charts does tempt me a little! :) Hope you get in lots more stitching time once your class finishes.