July 13, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

It has been very warm here over the past few weeks and some of us are feeling kind of dragged down by the heat and humidity. I never thought this FL girl would mind it but I guess I've lost my heat tolerance living up here. And Beau's not such a big fan either. We've been taking extremely slooooow walks around the block and just hanging in the A/C.
As a result of the heat, I haven't felt like blogging much and there hasn't been an over abundance of stitching or other kinds of crafting either. I must confess I'm getting bored with working on my C@HRH and am contemplating putting it away for a month. Since there's no way I'd be done this piece in time for the Christmas holiday, I'm inclined to do that. Here is where I am on Block 4 at this point. I've really been trying to get it done but it just seems to go on for ever.
In the hopes of jump starting my stitching mojo, I'm going to start working on this - a birthday exchange piece using Valdani 3 strand floss - a first for me. This picture is really lousy because it was very cloudy tonight when I got home. I'm not sure what the fabric is but it's a 28 ct. from my stash - possibly mushroom lugana. The chart I'm stitching calls for using all three strands of the floss on nothing smaller than 28 count. This should prove to be a nice change from the 40ct of C@HRH - maybe I will be able to see it without using cheaters!

Hope you're staying cool where ever you are and thanks for stopping in.


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Beau is looking like I feel with this humidity! Can't wait to see your new project. Put Christmas away for awhile and you'll be thrilled to get back to it. Nice to see the update....Nancy

Deb said...

I hear you about the heat - we've been without air for a few days and it's been miserable. Don't blame you for putting down the piece - it's a large one to work on, but maybe you'll be more inspired by those threads and you new piece.

mainely stitching said...

I'm with ya, Patti. It's too darned hot! And humid. Ugh. But what a glorious summer it is, huh? Take care and stay cool!

Brigitte said...

When it's so hot outside my stitching mojo also goes astray. I think it was a good idea to put the Christmas piece away for a while and start something else. Staring something new often gets one out of the stitching slump, lol.