July 30, 2012

Project Frustration

Have you ever had a project that just seemed to be jinxed?  Well, I think Ann Sandles is that project for me.  I had made a fair amount of progress restitching it on 40 count except for the fact that the next time I picked it up it dawned on me that I had started too far in from the left and that I was probably not going to have enough fabric to frame it.  Evidently I measured over 3 inches but had cut my fabric for a 2 inch border.  Talk about frustrating!

So I proceeded to pick out the inner border area and used the remaining outside border to become the inside border instead.  This is where I left off the last time I worked on it.  I have not felt sufficient motivation to pick it up again but I will.  I'm going to win and get this project stitched.  I just hope there's no more frogging 40 ct in my future.

I have been dedicating a lot of Olympic watching time to BBD Winter Garden so I should have some great progress to show for the next WIPocolypse update.  I hope your stitching is going much more smoothly than mine has lately!

1 comment:

Karen said...

oh how annoying.... hope you are off to a good start now!

happy stitching...