August 13, 2012

All Good Things Come to an End

It's back to work for me tomorrow so no more mornings like this one, spent on the deck with a good cup of coffee and some stitching.  I guess I have to go back to pay for the vacation stash I acquired right?

I did make nice progress on BBD's Winter Wonderland (blasted Blogger won't upload correctly).  I hope that I will have a finish to share soon but it's back to a busy couple of weeks so I'm not sure how much stitching will get done.  I'm ready for another vacation!


Gabi said...

Your Winter Wonderlandlooks gorgeous. Reminds me every time that I have it kitted up and waiting for me.
Bugger that your vacation is already over.

Brigitte said...

For me that last day before going back to work is always the hardest because I want to squeeze in as much of my hobbies as possible in order to wave away the thoughts of work. But it doesn't really work, lol. I hope you had a nice start and hopefully you'll be able to find a bit of stitching time every day.

Carla said...

Winter Wonderland looks beautiful!