December 16, 2014

Those Christmas carols lie...

They tell us it's the happiest time of the year when in fact it's the complete opposite for so many people.  Working in the health care field, I often get to witness that for many, many of us, it is in fact a very sad and horrible time of year.  Today was an especially hard day and I am struggling to focus on the positives of the holiday season. 

Please, please, please be kind to those you encounter this holiday season because your kindness can be unbelievable important and impact decisions you never know are being made all around you. 

Now that I've totally rained on your holiday spirit, I do have some positive Christmas gift progress to share.

I've finished the stitching on my neice's gift.  I'm very ambivalent about the fact that there is a sort of bottom border and that it doesn't care around the rest of the piece.  I debated completing it but just wanted to move on the the finishing part so I'm leaving it as is.  Unless your comments make me change my mind before I tackle the finishing this weekend....   I plan to finish it as a little wall hanging piece with cording around the edges.  Nothing too fancy or fussy I think.

And I've also managed to finish a hat for a friend.  This took one skein of a super bulky yarn I found at Michael's and I have to say I think I'm going to grab another skein and make one for myself.  It is very snug and warm and was very easy to knit.

I hope wherever you are, that you are finding joy in your holiday preparations and celebrations!


Anna van Schurman said...

They definitely lie sometimes. I hope you can celebrate the season in style.

Angela P said...

Lovely stitching and finish :)