February 25, 2015

February Smalls SAL Update

Here is my small for February.  This is another of the Halloween kits I have in my stash.  It's smaller than last month's but since it was a short month and I had both a knitting and stitched gift to complete this month, I felt it was okay to stitch something a bit on the small side.

I'm not sure on the fabric or floss details but it's a lovely hand-dyed purple with a variegated orange thread.  I've lost the details if they were included in the package.  The backing fabric also got lost so I used some from my stash.  The design is Boo! by the Cross Eyed Cricket.

I did a simple twisted cord finish in two DMC colors pulled from my floss box.  I was not as pleased with my finishing this time around as the bottom was wonky and I trimmed the edges much too close and the top left corner was fraying.  Thank goodness this is for me and not a gift because it would have to be a do over.
I have to say I'm really pleased I already have two finishes for display come Halloween!  I am going to sort through the project bag with the remaining kits tonight and choose my next victim.

Thank you so much for stopping by and your comments on previous posts.  I'm still not where I want to be with blog visiting and commenting but I'm trying!  It's that "snow fatigue" thing....


Barb said...

Your Halloween finish looks good to me. I always see faults in my finishing that others probably miss.

barbara said...

What a bright and fun Halloween finish! :D