December 14, 2006

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Yum, Yum!! That is the name of this sock yarn which I bought from Spunky Eclectic, a Maine based yarn seller. This is the first of the 2 pairs of socks that I need to have finished by Christmas and I really love how it turned out. It's going to be hard to give these away! The yarn is great to work with and they worked up much faster using #3 needles and sport weight yarn versus #1 and fingering weight. I've started the second and am going to be knitting madly on the body any minute I get. I hope to finish it by Saturday so I can cast on for another pair with a different color of Spunky Eclectic.

I also hope to put a few starting stitches in a birthday gift that is due December 23rd. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be late in mailing it out but I'm gonna do my best!


Joanie said...

Girl, I've been missing you!!!!
How's the Cowboy???
Your exchange piece to Peg is very precious and I love what Danielle sent you!
Glad to see you are doing fine and just really busy.

Barbara said...

Chocolate covered cherries? I'd be tempted to sample them as well as wear them... LOL

They are great socks!!