January 29, 2007

When in Maine

Last winter my boss decided that I needed to experience a dog sled ride - a very Maine thing to do according to her. Well we never ended up doing it but the Christian radio station I've been listening to was advertising that they would be broadcasting live at the Mushers Bowl on Jan. 20th. So I checked it out and it was Bridgton's Winter Carnival weekend and they had dog sled races, dog sled rides and a bunch of other wintery type events planned. We haven't had much snow and a lot of the ice still hasn't frozen enough to be safe so they postponed the races until February but you could still take some dog sled rides. So I signed my boss and I up and away we went to Bridgton which is in the western part of the state about 2 hours north of where I am.

The weather has been really cold and Saturday's temps were about 19 with a pretty fierce wind. We got to the apple farm where they were doing the rides and here are some photos of our adventure. It was neat but not something I ever need to repeat. Loud (dogs barking constantly), stinky (dogs pooping on the run) and bumpy (not enough snow cover and frozen ruts) not to mention wicked cold. The poor pups got really tired trying to pull us -we offered to get out and walk we felt so guilty! There was just not enough snow for it to be easy for them to pull. But they were really sweet and all of them were super friendly. Don't they look tired in the photo on the right? This was taken after we had gotten back to the starting point and off the sled.

But my boss and I had a good day out, a nice lunch afterwards and a meandering drive home with a little shopping in Portland on the way back. All in all, a great Maine experience!


Chelle said...

Sounds like fun, in spite of the cold!

Barbara said...

Gosh, I know people who've lived all their lives in Maine and never done this. WAY cool! I'm jealous.