July 27, 2008

Free Time!

Well, my last birthday exchange package is going into the mail tomorrow and I have absolutely no stitching obligations looming on the horizon. I'm free to pick up and work on anything I like. I've resurrected my Summer of Socks start from vacation and pulled out a little Halloween chart I started a while back and put away.
It feels great to not have any projects hanging over my head although I am starting to think about Christmas presents but those have a much longer completion horizon. I also plan to get back to reading and commenting on blogs as I've felt quite out of the loop. I can't wait to see what everyone's been working on while I've been buried. And I have a couple of crochet projects I want to get going on so I don't forget how to do it!


Jill said...

Please visit my blog. I have a suprise for you.
Thanks, Jill

Barbara said...

Three cheers for free time!!!

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Cute Halloween piece......hooray for stitching for yourself! Nancy

Debs said...

Patti, I love those socks, the colors are fabulous. Nice to hear from you--I too love reading your blog.

Brigitte said...

Your Halloween sampler already looks very nice. You will be able to finish it soon having so much free stitching time on your hands. As I'm an exchange fanatic myself I know what you speak about, lol.