July 16, 2008

Whoohoo I won!

Barbara at Mainely Stitching has a random draw for a really neat CHS design that I had never seen before and I was the winner - how lucky am I? Thank you Barbara for giving away this chart. I think I will dig through my stash and see if there isn't something that someone else might want. Stay tuned!

By the way, have you seen the adorable hand-worked items she has been crafting and putting in an Etsy shop? If not, go over and check out the adorable birds and bunnies. I swear I don't know how moms find the time to do these things. I have no kids and while I do work full time, I still should be able to accomplish more in my spare time.

I'm still plugging away on commitment stitching - very close to being done on one rather large piece - the end is in sight. My goal is to have it ready to mail on Saturday or Monday at the latest and then I need to finish something that's been waiting forever and hurry up and start another July gift.

I also wanted to share a ph0to of a sampler I had framed when I did my button cards. It has been finished for an embarassingly long time (probably close to two years) when I finally had the urge (and the extra money)to get it framed. It's a BOAF chart and I love the frame. It was something my framer had recently gotten in and of course was nothing that I had in my head when I got to her shop. Does that happen to anyone else? It's now hanging over my bed.
Thanks for everyone's kind comments on my recent exchanges. I'm trying to get back to regularly reading and commenting on your blogs too so bear with me. I think I need to get up earlier in the morning!


Barbara said...

This BOAF looks great framed! My framer has such a limited selection... sigh.

Hey, you've made me blush. ;)

I did send your chart off to the address I had for you - I do hope you haven't changed it over the past 2 years!

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

The BOAF looks great~nice frame!
Congrats on the win. I wasn't familiar with that design either, it's very nice....Nancy

Joanie said...

Your BOAF looks fabulous!! I love the frame, it's perfect for the stitching.

Email when you get a chance...curious if you'll be coming my way again this year!