February 28, 2009

Long Overdue Spring Cleaning

As you can see, I've got spring fever! Although there is still a large amount of snow left on the ground, there is a feel of spring in the air and for me it can't come soon enough. It's been a long winter in more ways than one. My new template is from here. I have been really into birds lately and I couldn't resist this colorful template.

I lost my stitching mo-jo for a while and had not picked up a needle in a very long time. I did start and finish a pair of socks for my sister this year but I just couldn't seem to find an interest in any of my stitching projects. Although I was itching to start something new, I decided to pick up my Halloween Fairy UFO and make it a WIP instead. Here's my progress as of yesterday morning.
Today is my SAL day on the Alexandre project from Tempus Fugit. I am working on the 2nd panel and will post an updated photo of my progress tomorrow as I hope to get more time to stitch on that today.


Brigitte said...

Great new look of your blog, Patti. I also love birds very much, we have so many in our garden and it's fun to watch them.
I also know these stitching slumps but they usually hit me when I feel completely drawn into books and reading. Happens about once a year, lol. To et out of it I start a new project and it often works.
Your Halloween Fairie looks great. I hope your fingres are itchy enough to continue on her.

mainely stitching said...

Your new template is seriously awesome, Patti!

Great to hear an update from you. I'm also eager for spring, though here it's rain on the ground rather than snow. ;0

Joanie said...

Hey Girl! Your blog looks so Spring-like! I am glad you are back among the stitching!

You are right, it's been a long cold winter. I'm with you, bring on Spring!

Your progress on the Halloween Fairy looks great!

Miss 376 said...

We've had a small taste of spring here this week,and it makes such a big difference. Hopefully now that you have started, the stitching bug will bite again.

Von said...

I've been considering adding a springy template to my blog too. :D Love this one you've chosen.