December 28, 2009

Bad Weather Stitching

Yesterday was a miserable rainy day so much of it was spent on the couch stitching. I made some decent progress on my CHS piece and watched a lot of home improvement shows on HGTV. All the shows that are filmed in California or over the summer make me so envious of warm weather. It's been really weird here lately - bitterly cold for almost 2 weeks and then in the 40s so that a lot of the snow melted and then snow again today with the bitter cold coming back again. And someone mentioned a snow storm for Wednesday that's supposed to be the worst so far this year. Oh Joy! Can you tell I'm bone tired of winter and we still have the worst 3 months to go?

I see many people are updating their blogs after the Christmas festivities so I'm off to see what everyone's been working on! Thanks for stopping by!


staci said...

Very pretty stitching! I don't feel guilty for staying in and stitching when the weather is bad out...but when the weather is nice, I feel I should be out in it :)

Carmen said...

Congratulations you bird is very pretty stitching!!!

Brigitte said...

Your CHS piece looks so lovely. You will finish it soon.
Staying in and stitching is the best you can do when it's ugly outside. It's snowing here like mad and I know what I will do today - shovel snow and then stitch, lol.