December 23, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Now that I've finished my Alexandre piece, I'm trying to decide what to start working on next. I have the fabric and threads to start the CHS Christmas at Hawkrun Hollow or I could also start this

which is kitted and ready to go. I've never actually stitched a LHN design -blasphemy to many of you I know! - so this might be the winner. In the meantime, I've picked up my UFO/WIP of CHS The Gilded Cage and am working on that.

I am planning to draft a UFO/WIP list of projects to work on in 2010. I've got a number of pieces I'd like to finish stitching and a number of stitched pieces that need finishing so I plan to focus on getting them done this coming year. I'm going to try to be really diligent about keeping a stitching journal to record progress and other details for projects, something I have not been that great at lately. Anyone else started to formulate a stitching plan for next year?


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Got your email, thanks! I vote for the LHN piece. It's adorable as is yor dog. You have all year to do the CHS CHristmas piece LOL...Nancy

Brigitte said...

Both your planned projects sound great. The LHN piece will be finished much faster so it would be a great start.
Oh Patti, I could have written the last paragraph of your post as well. I plan on working on UFOs and WIPs as much as possible. I started my stitching journal in 2000 and it's really worthwhile. So I can keep track of all my personal stitching, my exchanges, plans and resolutions. And it's fun to read about what I stitched many years ago. And what I planned and never realized. And to see how oild my UFOs are (well, this is not always the fun part, lol). Good luck with your stitching journal.