October 12, 2010

October SBQ

This is the first time I've ever actually posted an answer to Lee's SBQs but I've wanted to.  This one has to do with birth order and how it (if it does) affect your crafting.  Here's the question:

Where do you fall in the birth order of your family?  Do you think that birth order traits have had an effect on your choice of hobby and craft? How so?

I am technically a middle child in that I have an older and younger sister and I do have a lot of the traits of a middle and more specifically, middle born one:  loner, quiet shy, impatient and uptight. Middles are also peacemakers, mediators, able to keep secrets, not spoiled, take risks, are realistic, get along well with others, read people well, independent, loyal to supporters, competitive and imaginative.  I also hate confrontation, am quite suspicious and cynical.   

However, in some ways I am also a first born in that my oldest sister was not in the picture that much while I was growing up and it was my little sister and I for many years so during those years, I was a first born.  And as a result of this, I have many of the "compliant" first born traits:  nurturer, care giver, reliable, conscientious, cooperative, grin and bear it mentality.  I'm also fairly patient, definitely organized and have strong powers of concentration.

How do I think this translates to my choice of crafting?  I think any handwork is sort of a quiet type of pursuit and something loners may be drawn to.  I am most comfortable with structure and stability and there is that in stitching; following a design or pattern brings a soothing sense of uniformity (first born traits).  It definitely requires patience and being organized and you must concentrate on what your working on or you have to frog.  And hand crafts are traditionally seen as women's pursuits and women are traditionally seen as nurturers and caregivers which are first born traits. 

This was an interesting question to answer and I look forward to seeing what others have written about this so please leave me a comment if you've answered this month's SBQ please!

And thanks for your kind comments about my birthday exchange stitching.  I appreciate them!


Joanie said...

I answered the question on Lee's blog. I am a first born and I have almost all the traits of a first born.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm a middle child too!