October 28, 2010

My grannie is growing

My granny square afghan I mean.  I've completed two full pattern repeats with one and a half left to go.  I have been trying to put at least 30 minutes into these each night before I go to bed but now that it's gotten larger, I don't always finish a full repeat before turning out the light.  The picture's not the greatest as it was taken with overhead lighting in my bedroom where this afghan is intended to be used.  I think it will complement the coverlet pretty nicely.

And, because he's just so cute and sweet and it never hurts to get a little doggy sweetness, is my Beau looking at his mama and wondering why I am fiddling with the camera and not paying attention to him.  Never mind the 20 minute petting he just had.  What he really wants is to go for another walk but he still has a while to go before the final before bedtime walk.  It seems he feels he should be going out earlier and earlier each night with the loss of daylight happening sooner each evening.  Unfortunately, it's that time of year and a week from Sunday we change back our clocks.  I really hate that part of winter.


Barbara said...

I just wanna HUG that sweet face!!! What a darlin' your Beau is! Some one of these days we'll have to get together where the boys (Beau and Rigby) can play. That would be fun. :D

Cole said...

Your granny afghan is looking pretty cozy! Great work :)

Pumpkin said...

Beau is adorable! LOL! Love his expression :o)

The colors in your afghan are lovely.

Our time doesn't change until next weekend. I love the extra hour but not the darkness :o(

Brigitte said...

The afghan looks so great. I also practise the 30-minutes-each-day from time to time when I want to finish something but ma too lazy to get busy with it. It always works.

dragonxser said...

The granny afghan is lovely, and so is your sweet pooch!