January 2, 2011

UFO Sunday

The first Sunday of the month means UFO stitching day and I started out the year on the right foot by actually stitching on a UFO today.  I have quite a few to choose from but I felt the urge to pick up CHS Alphabets today.  When I unfolded the fabric, I fell in love with the piece all over again.  I just love the colors and how it looks over one.  My current good intentions are to continue to work on this piece and try and have it completed this year.  Today I completed Inn and started J is for Jump.   Sorry for the neck-crain but Blogger is being crancky and I could not get this photo to load correctly no matter how many times I tried. 

Some of us were bored and worked on looking pitiful so that mom would take us outdoors for a walk.  This is the sight that greeted me when I turned to my right on the couch.  He sits in the strangest ways....but he's cute isn't he? No modesty, but cute!


Dianne said...

This is going to be an amazing piece when it's complete! Good for you...working on a UFO. I always seem to want to start something new.

mainely stitching said...

How is your sweet doggie doing?? He is so adorable. :)

LOVE the CHS alphabet, as well as your newest start.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Nice to see the alphabet again and yes, he is an adorable dog. I hoep he got his wish! It was warm here this weekend....Nancy

LivnLaf said...

Hi Patty!
Happy New Year. Well after a year off from stitching and only knitting, I am ready to take back up my cross stitch needle. Because I have so many UFOs...and don't need to start anything new, I joined a Facebook group "Crazy 2011 UFO Challenge". It is a closed group but anyone can request to join...anyone that has UFOs, I mean. :-) Anyway, I hope all is well and I'm sending good wishes for good things for you in 2011.


Brigitte said...

Oh wow, you are stitching the CHS alphabet over one. It looks really gorgeous and I can understand that you fell in love with it again. So, can you really put it aside and go on working on something else? LOL.
I wish you a wonderful new stitching year!

dragonxser said...

love your CHS piece Patti, and that pup is gorgeous!