March 13, 2012

WIPocolypse Update - or Not

Hello again!  I have let my blogging lapse more than intended over the last two weeks as a result of not really being able to show what I've been working on because it's been for exchanges. 

That means i have no progress to show this month on anything on my WIPocolypse list unfortunately.  However, that does not mean nothing was happening around these parts. 

My exchange stitching is done and waiting to be finished this week.

I visited my family in NH and spent a really nice day junking with my sister.  We didn't find much but it was nice to be together.  She didn't spend a dime and I spent less than $10 for these vintage baking tins.  I thought they'd be great just to display or even turn into a pincushion if I get really ambitious.

I also started another pair of birthday socks which are nowhere near to being finished on time but I got a gift certificate to hold the birthday girl over while she waits for her socks.  The pattern is butterflies and is one of my favorites to work on. It's really easy to work and the finished result is great.  I think the recipient will be pleased.

And then there was some stash that arrived - Sergie who I forgot was back ordered and thus a wonderful surprise when he flew into the mailbox and then my first Scarlet House pattern which I just thought was so cute. 

And then of course there was time spent with this attention hound!  Who could resist that face?  Gotta go play with my pup!


Barb said...

Your "junking" tins are so cute. I have some that I use for tea light holders!

barbara said...

Those socks look AMAZING! :) Someone will have some very pampered tootsies. And your dog ... oh my gosh, his face is just irresistible!