March 16, 2012

Another Do-Over

After finishing the stitching for my two exchange pieces, I thought I would get back to finishing my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart #1 as it was about 1/2 way stitched.  But when I picked it up again, I was just not happy with the colors.  While I loved the WDW Kudzu, the challenge to make the called for threads work with the fabric and the design was just not something I was up for.  So I did a fabric dive and came up with 30ct WDW Straw and restarted the piece.  This is the 2nd piece I've decided to restart.  I'm beginning to wonder if the issue is the 30 ct part as I do prefer working with 36-40 count. 

At the rate I'm going, I'm never going to get anything finished this year!  I also started the process of frogging the Kudzu piece as I do like the fabric.  I finally picked out the rest of the design last night while watching a Steven Segal picture on AMC.  Both were truly mindless - the movie and the frogging!

I believe it's a Hermit weekend and although I didn't sign up and it's going to be a busy weekend, I'm hoping to get as much stitching time as possible. 


milly said...


Just found your blog.

What a shame about the fabric. The deisgn is lovely, I saw a bit more of it in an older post.

Hope you managed some stitching last weekend.

Brigitte said...

Hmmm, this design is truely giving both of us some trouble. I also started this one twice but have stopped both of them. I think I'll stay away from it for some time and stitch some of the other Anniversaries first.