May 4, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy-Week 18

This week started off with a very unexpected view of a hot air balloon.  I think it was for the opening day of the local baseball teams but whatever it was for, it made me smile to come upon it all of a sudden.  I wouldn't have minded a ride!
On Tuesday I had to run and pick up some meds for the dog as he's got some kind of abscess on his leg.  On the way I sprang for a large iced tea at the local DD and they made it perfectly.  Hooray for ice tea weather - we've had it all week long.

I also managed to get my first outdoor bike ride in this week and it was just wonderful.  I road on a local rail trail for the first time and there's something to be said for riding on a flat surface with no hills!

On Thursday I finally made it back to my knitting group.  I have not been since before the new year which is very unlike me.  Once I'm home, I just haven't been motivated to go back out again.  I'm really glad I did and plan to keep going.  It was good to be back among such funny and talented women.
And here is one I'm sure will make you wonder what I was thinking.  I had a facial this morning and happened to bring my phone into the room because I'm on call for work and asked my fabulous esthetician to take my picture after she had all my mask stuff on.  Now I know what I look like at this point!   Pretty scary I'd say!

I hope you had a great week and are enjoying some wonderful spring weather.

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Melody said...

I love iced tea weather also! LOL you should have posted your facial picture!