September 23, 2013

Common Ground PS - Amish in Maine

This is a post script to my post on the Common Ground fair.  I had mentioned it in the original post but then deleted the couple of sentences for some reason.  One of the really neat things I experienced at Common Ground was to see Amish again.  I didn't take photos as that is not done but seeing girls in their brightly colored, solid dresses and little white caps and men in flat straw hats with the distinctive bowl cut hair was really wonderful.

Growing up in Ohio, my dad used to head to Amish country any chance he got and during the summers, we were usually along for the ride.  He loved going to Kidron and Sugar Creek and we got used to driving the rolling farm roads, keeping an eye out for buggies, carts and Amish on bicycles.  I think if my mom would have gone for it, he'd have moved us out there - no car, no electricity, etc.  Just farming, community and the slow lane at its most basic.

I had thought I'd heard something about the Amish moving into Maine to farm but this was my first opportunity to see them in person.  I did a Google search and found out there is a small but growing community in Unity and Thorndike.  If you are interested, click on the link for an article published in 2009 in the Boston Globe.  It feels neat to know the community is growing and bringing a part of my childhood up Maine!

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