November 12, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy-Week 45 and October TUSAL

I'm late in posting my photos for the 45th week of the year and my October TUSAL so I'm going to knock them out in a single post this week.

First my October TUSAL.  The focus in October was mostly my C@HRH piece but there's some color in there from Mary's Sampler and PS All Hallow's Eve as well.  It's getting pretty full!  Not many more TUSAL posts left for 2013!
And now for the few things I captured from week 45 of 52 Weeks of Happy.
Attending a really fun event to benefit the Maine Children's Cancer Program.  For a small town, it has a great heart and steps up to the plate to contribute to good causes!

Starting my Christmas shopping and shopping local at the same time.  A friend and I went to a great craft fair and I got at least 5 people marked off my list - YEAH!

Starting a new crochet project which is expanding my skills and letting me work with some wonderful Quince & Co. yarn which is spun just up the road a little ways.  I love working with their yarn.  My first crochet project that's not cotton!

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Bev C said...

Always good to get some of that shopping out of the way. Your finger less mittens look lovely, good luck with finishing.

Happy days.