November 16, 2013

It's time to be a hermit-IHSW!

It's an IHSW and I do hope to participate quite a bit this weekend.  I do have to go to Portland to spend a few hours with one of my nieces but around that, I should have time to make some progress on my Mary's Sampler and Christmas@HRH piece.

I have been managing to keep up fairly well with Mary's Sampler although I have yet to complete this week's part.  I chose green and gold for the little shepherd and am fairly pleased with how it looks.

 I have pretty much given up on following the color chart and just picking what I think works for the overall design as I stitch each motif.  I plan to have part 7 completed by the end of IHSW.

And I do hope I can either finish or come really, really close to finishing up this block of C@HRH.  I'm itching to move on to a new block!

Hope you are hermiting along with me this weekend.  I'm going to try really hard to get around to all my fellow hermits to check out progress.  It's always so inspiring and fun to see all the different things people are working on!


P.J. said...

Happy hermit-ing. I got mine in over the long weekend. I am excited to see your HRH progress. I got some decent stitches on mine last weekend. You keep me inspired by your progress.

Brigitte said...

I'm hermiting with you and I pulled outa sampler that I really love to stitch on - The Plymouth Sampler by Brenda Keyes.
Your HRH piece looks gorgeous adn I'm looking forward to seeing your progress over the weekened.