December 28, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy-Week 52

It's hard to believe it's the last full week of 2013.  All in all, I was pretty successful with keeping up with my weekly blogging of happy moments and it was a really effective way to keep focused on good things throughout what was a crazy year.  Here are my final photos for 2013.
I was extremely happy to get home and have my own coffee in my own mug in my own kitchen after being gone for a week.  Not to mention sleeping in my own bed.  This made me VERY happy!
We got hit with icy weather at the beginning of the week but luckily it was not bad for us.  I was very happy about that.  Unfortunately, those farther north were hit really hard and it has taken quite a very long time for power to be restored.  I snapped this photo on the grounds at work. 

I was very happy to spend Christmas with my family.  My nieces started us off with mustaches which mad us all laugh.  It was a wonderful holiday as usual with the usual shenanigans and shared laughter. 
My BIL - featured in 2 of the photos above - made this phenomenal cinnamon rolls from a Guy Fieri cookbook and they were just out of this world delicious.  I was very happy to partake and "know" that anything eaten on Christmas day has no calories.  LOL
We had some winter sunshine today and I was happy to take a walk with my furry friend.  They are forecasting more snow Sunday into Monday and fiercely cold temps by the end of the week so I was sure to try and get my vitamin D while it was relatively comfortable outside.
And I was happy to visit the library today to pick up some winter reading.  Given that the weather is going to be wintery, it will be great to have some good books to focus on while it's stormy outside.


Barb said...

You have picked many good things to be thankful about!!

Brigitte said...

You seem to have spent a great Christmas holiday with your family.
It was fun to follow you through the 52 weeks of happy throughout this year. Thanks for sharing.