January 1, 2014

2013 WIPocolypse Recap

I see that many are recapping all their stitching accomplishments.  I don't really feel like I accomplished all that much in the way of finishes.  I was able to complete one project on my 2013 WIPocolypse list which was Nora Corbett's Halloween Fairy.
The WIP project that got the most attention in 2013 was CHS Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow although I was unable to finish it during the year as I had really hoped.  Here's what it looked like in January:
And as of yesterday.  I was able to complete two blocks and 2/3rds of a 3rd.  Given that there were 365 days in the year, it really feels like I should have completed much more when I look at the whole project. But there's only 3 and 1/3 blocks left to complete so I'm quite sure I will finish this thing in 2014.  I'd better!
Next on the list was my HAED Storey Keeper and this doesn't show much visual progress either considering the number of stitches that go into completing each 10x10 square!  I think this will turn out to be some kind of 10 year piece - if not longer!  Here it was in January,
And where it was at 12.31.13
Poor Ann Sandles really got no attention for the year.  I had to restart the piece and quite honestly I'm thinking of scrapping it all together.  I think I should have ordered the original fabric because I'm not that jazzed with it how it looks on the fabric I found in my stash.  This photo was from May and the one below from yesterday.  Such a little bit of progress to show....
And the final project on the list was my CHS Alphabet.  It's the same dismal story as with Ann Sandles.  This is another project that's been linger way to long and it might be my focus after C@HRH.  We'll see!
This was the photo when I pulled it out in February and where it stands now.  Two and 1/4 blocks completed with a whole lot more left to go.
I added a 2014 tab and the current projects are carry overs from 2013 but I may edit it some more.  I would really like to add some new projects this year and definitely do some dedicated Halloween stitching this year. 

I hope your year is off to a great stitching start!


Barb said...

I really think you have done well. You have chosen some very big projects!

Brigitte said...

I'd say the same as Barb. You were stitching a lot on your projects and also had a wonderful finish. Stitching on those big projects just takes some time. But I can already see your next finish - the HRH piece gets closer and closer.
I'm sure you will have a great stitching year 2014!

barbara said...

Well I for one LOVE these projects of yours and will miss them when you finish them!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You've worked on some great WIPs in 2013.

Cheryl McCulloh said...

I think you did an awful lot! Those are big and sometimes detailed projects and a little stitching adds up over time. I like Ann Sandles; hope you don't scratch it.
Congrats on finishing Halloween fairy and progress on others. You'll be done with CHC alphabet and Hawk Hollow soon!