January 1, 2015

2015 New Year Greetings and 2015 Stitching Plans

I didn't stay up to see the new year in - did you?  I spent some time sorting through my stash to come up with what projects I wanted to start off 2015 with.  After that I tried to get engaged in some bowl game football but ended up going to bed by 10:00pm. 

Here's what I came up with for project starts for January.  I signed up for the 2015 Smalls SAL after seeing it on Anna's blog and I knew right away what smalls I was going to focus on.  A couple of years ago, a private group I stitch with did a kitted ornament exchange for both Christmas and Halloween and I have not touched any of those kits.  This will be the year I focus on getting some of them completed, starting with Halloween.

My January small will be Plum Street's Welcome and despite a busy day cooking, cleaning and putting away my Christmas decorations, I have a few stitches in.
Next up is a gift for one of my sister's.  She's always admired my finished 2002 Collector's Heart by HIH so I've kitted it up and probably should have started that first given her birthday is February 23rd. 
I think my next choice was definitely influenced by Rite Aid as I went in to pick up a prescription on Monday and they were already stocking the shelves with Valentine's Day merchandise.  Sheesh!  I have very little Valentine's Day items stitched so I thought this little piece would fit the bill.  It's Trilogy's Love Tree.
And finally is a larger project for me.  This is an older Cricket Collection that I picked up on vacation two years ago.  It's Walk in the Woods and I tested out the DMC on a piece of R&R 18th Century Green that I have in my stash that I've been trying to use.  I did some test stitching of the boarder and it's obvious the fabric is too dark.  I switched to a piece of 32ct cream linen I had in my stash and hope to get started on this one soon.

One thing I am going to try and do this year is keep a stitching journal.  I have started out logging all of these projects with the fabric and fibers and will track the start and finish days and how I finish them.  I never do this and I would like to see how long these projects take me to completed.

I also hope to complete one of my WIPocolypse pieces as I've still got quite a few of these and I've manged to finish at least one each of the past two years. 

I also have several knitting and crochet projects planned but for now I'm in the mood to stitch so I shall. 


P.J. said...

Happy New Year!! Lovely projects picked for the new year. btw your sister and my daughter have the same birthday. :) So cool. Looking forward to seeing your progress; great idea with keeping a stitching journal.

Von said...

DH and I did see the New Year in with a small group of friends so it was really nice. :)

You have some great projects in store for the New Year. Can't wait to see your progress!

Brigitte said...

We always stay up because people are doing great fireworks here in Germany to see the New Year in. It would be useless to go to bed earlier because the fireworks at midnight would wake you up, lol. And besides this it's nice to watch them.

I love the projects you kitted up for this year. It's a pitty that the green fabric is too dark to use it for Walk in the Woods. But you will find another project for this great fabric.

barbara said...

Hey stranger! I'm trying to get my blogging groove on. ;) Nice to see your new starts - they are all very lovely.

Anna van Schurman said...

We stayed up but only because the dog was freaked out by the fireworks that went off until past 1am. Anyway, glad to have been an enabler! :)