January 5, 2015

PS Welcome Update

I went to visit a friend in Connecticut for the weekend and didn't bother to take any stitching with me as I new I would probably not have any time to stitch and that was true.  However, I did get home relatively early on Sunday and had some time in the evening to work on my Plum Street "Welcome" ornie.  The crow's tale is done and I've started in on the upper half of the body. 

Not sure if I will pick this up again tonight as I feel the need to make a start on the HIH heart I want to get done for my sister's birthday. 

I hope those of you experiencing this arctic weather blast are keeping warm.  The dog (unfortunately) did not seem to mind it tonight and I forced myself to go back out to the gym but I'm glad for my warm down coat!  These are the temps that make me long for Florida again.


P.J. said...

This artic weather is most suitable for some good stitching time in front of the fire. Too bad I have to go to work...stay warm and protect with layers. The basset has a coat but I need to make her some ear socks. :)

Barb said...

Our cold has moved East and you are all freezing, keep warm and do lots of stitching! You are off to a good start!

Brigitte said...

No arctic weather here in Europe, at least not at my place. We were having tons of snow after Christmas but it has considerably melted away.
Have a good start on the heart you want to stitch for your sister.

Anna van Schurman said...

I finally bought a pair of long underwear for dog walking and broke down and ordered a long warm parka from Lands End. Because it's nights like these I think dog companionship may not be worth the pain!