August 24, 2005

Nothing is easy....

in Maine. I apologize in advance to any Mainers reading this that take offense but it's my blog so I'm going to write what I think! I moved to Maine for the chance to work with a great boss and career opportunity. I have lived here 4 months as of next week. Nothing is easy here. Last night for example, I decided that I was in the mood for BBQ so I went to the only local place I know of that does good BBQ and it was closed. Now this is a small town area and I understand that. But what I get frustrated by is the effort it takes to do anything that was once normal to me when I lived in New Hampshire. To go to a Target takes 45 minutes and there is only ONE mall in the whole state. Yes, you read that right, ONE MALL - 45 minutes away. I'm used to having two large malls only 15 minutes away. We had a great Italian restaurant in town that has had to close because locals don't come in except for special occasions and the owner was running out of money to keep it open. That leaves one other decent restaurant that's open year round (but closed on Mondays) and it's up for sale!!! However, there are days for happy dancing, like when you finally find a sushi restaurant and it's only about 25 minutes away - and it's open all year round. Woohooo! You have to treasure these little joys.

I often feel like I've been dropped into an alternate reality where no one here understands the language I am speaking. Blah blah, blah....etc. I didn't know that much about Maine before moving here - maybe I should have checked a few things out first! Like the fact that there is immense wealth along the coastline but it's often from outside of the state and that the majority of people live a really tough life and are very much in the lower income bracket. I am embarrassed at what a snob I have become and I never realized it until I moved here. I'm learning quite a bit about myself as a result of moving to Maine and I know it will be a growth experience for me. But I'm learning things about myself that I'm not really liking. I look at as an opportunity for personal growth but boy is it going to be painful! Life is good.


Kathie said...

Patti, I'm sure things will get better. There will always be adjustments but hang in there. But remember, you can always move back to Ohio! I'd love to have you here in the Buckeye state!


Barbara said...

Sorry to correct you, but Maine sure has a lot more than a single mall complex in the whole state. Maybe you could get together with someone who knows the area a bit better and save yourself some frustration?

Just a tip, but Mainers tend to be pretty proud of doing things the hard way.

gemmak said...

Nothing like 'biting the hand that feeds you'!

I live in Scotland UK having moved from London and belive me Maine sounds like a metropolis compared to the village I am in! Yes it can be frustrating to us that are used to a different way of life but there are also positive aspects, less stress, less crime, beautiful scenery etc. etc.

One thing is for sure, as an incomer you won't get far if you publicise your superior attitude to those who love the place you have chosen to live.....and there is always the option to get out if you find it so tiresome!