October 14, 2006

10/25/50 Project Challenge

I have decided to join the 10/25/50 projects challenge.

The Rules:

  • Have fun reducing your pattern stash.
  • There is no time limit- people have different size projects they would like to work on.
  • Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10, 25, or 50 projects have been stitched.
  • Pattern size does not matter.
  • This challenge can also apply to knitting, beading, sewing and crocheting patterns.
  • You can make some exemptions. My exceptions are that I am allowed to buy stash for inclusion in exchange packages and I can buy supplies needed to complete projects on my list as long as I absolutely can't substitute something using my existing stash.
  • Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs (stash sent by others randomly) and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge.
  • Freebies count as part of your total and you can aquire them at any point.
  • You do not have to declare the projects you intend to work on. (If listing would make you feel better please do so)
  • The offical start date of this challenge for me was October 1, 2006.

    Here is my list (30 not 25) in no particular order. I actually have a list of 50 items but I am committing to stitching and completing 25 of the projects listed before buying any new stash for myself.

    1. CHS Dainty Housewren - started in June 2006
    2. BOAF Spring Garden
    3. BOAF Summer Garden
    4. Blue Ribbon Heart of Gold
    5. M Designs Floral Sampler
    6. Maggie Bonanomi Live Each Season
    7. BOAF Kindness Sampler
    8. Jeanette Douglass One GOod Urn Deserves Another
    9. Goode Huswife In Her House
    10. Goode Huswife With My Needle
    11. PS Autumn Winds - Started 10.10.06
    12. HIH Halloween Medley
    13. HIH Winter Medley
    14. HIH 2005 Collectors Heart
    15. Stitch Every Day - Cure
    16. Stitch Every Day - Partridge In A Pear Tree
    17. Stitch Every Day - Bring It On
    18. Stitch Every Day - Oh Holy Night
    19. Stitch Every Day - Jingle All The Way
    20. SamSarah - Light In the Window
    21. Sweetheart Tree - Rhodes Butterfly Fob
    22. Trilogy Family
    23. LK Winter Snippet
    24. Le ChenE Dore - Automne
    25. CHS Rejoice
    26. Goode Huswife - Pumpkins and Peacocks
    27. Trilogy Bountiful
    28. Sweetheart Tree - Welcome
    29. This Too Shall Pass Scissor Keep
    30. This Too Shall Pass Pin keeper

    I plan to make a list for knitting as well.


Karen said...

Good luck with the challenge. I'm doing the 25 project challenge too. I know I'll need lots of lluck to finish this one LOL. :)

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that many of us will be doing this challenge. We can encourage each other...especially as there will probably be some great new releases around the holidays!

Barbara said...

Hey, Patti, this is a very admirable list! You can do it!!!

AnneS said...

Good luck with the challenge :D You have some wonderful projects in that list to work through - look forward to seeing your progress :D

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