October 3, 2006

CATS Part Two

Saturday Nancy and I met up with Joanie for breakfast. Since Joanie had a 1:00pm class, we decided to hit Chocolate World early so we could be back in time. I'm really glad we took the time to go - it was interesting to see how they make the chocolate and shop afterwards in the gift area. Boy were there a lot of things chocolate! After we finished shopping, we headed back to the Lodge and basically stitched the day away. Joanie's class ran the full time and she joined us in the Stitchers Lounge afterwards. A lot of stitchers left on Saturday I think because it was less crowded. Pete had gone to a model show earlier in the day and was watching football but we dragged him out to dinner at Applebee's and then Nancy, Jo and I found a comfy stitching spot and just stitched away.

We had breakfast with Joanie on Sunday and then we all headed for home. I spent the night at my sister's again and drove back to Maine on Monday morning. Cowboy seemed to survive his boarding experience at the new kennel and we are slowly getting back into our usual routine.

Here's a photo of my stash acquisitions - not that much compared to what I bought last year.
I bought two large pieces of R & R fabric - 28 ct in Country French Cappucino and Lambswool, a hand dyed piece of greenish 28ct Quaker's Cloth from Dinky Dyes as well as two skeins of their silk, one called Wild Lavender and one called Eungella. It's for The Cat's Whisker's Feed My Soul. Joanie and I are going to do an SAL with this as she bought some lovely lavender fabric and similar threads for this project from Dinky Dyes too. I also bought two Prairie Schooler charts, Autumn Winds which I had to have before I left CATS and Birdsong I which I got for 50% off. I also bought the coolest "candle bracelet" kit made by Liz Turner Diehl. It's a packet of beads that you string to go around the neck of a jar candle. My kit was hearts of course and I'm not sure I will use if for a candle or make a bracelet or use the charms for stitching pieces. It was a really clever idea either way and relatively inexpensive.

Cathy, Joanie and I are planning to do a SAL with the PS Autumn Winds. If you have the chart, feel free to join us!


KarenV said...

Sounds like you had a great time Patti! You got some lovely stash - thanks for the photos, it's lovely to put faces to names.

Von said...

You picked up some nice additions to your stash, Patti! I too have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures of their CATS adventures. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of time at CATS. Thanks for sharing.

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful CATS photos!

When will you be doing Autumn Leaves?