May 8, 2007

Celebrations Report

So I went to NH for the weekend and got back yesterday to discover that my computer monitor had finally died. I had to go buy a new one in order to be able to see to upload photos and check email. As a result of all that rigamarole, I'm a bit late in posting my Celebrations report!

I only went for Friday and got to see Carole, Jo, Nancy, and Sandy and her friend Lisa and meet a friend of Nancy's named Tinka. I had a really nice day and managed to leave at the end of the day without spending too much in the shopping mart. I also got to see Joyce and another knitting friend Lucille who I haven't seen since I moved - 2 years! Nancy and I arranged to meet at the entrance to the shopping mart at 9am on Friday and ended up pulling into the parking lot behind each other. We spent about 1.5 to 2 hours looking around and I managed to only come out with 5 pieces of 28 ct 9x13 fabric from the Picture this Plus booth. I started out picking out my usual samplery colored pieces but decided that what I really needed was some colors I wouldn't usually buy and so I ended up with these. The colors are from the top left, Kermit, Coastal, Flash(2nd row down on left), Ember and Splash. I thought it would be really cool to stitch a quaker or some thing similar in a contrasting fabric - a sort of modern quaker piece. We shall see on that.

Nancy and I had lunch at Applebees and then went back to stitch. She was meeting Tinka at 1:00 for another run through the shopping mart and I was meeting Jo after her class at 2:00. Jo and I ended up in the stitching lounge all by ourselves for quite a while. Nancy and Tinka finally managed to drag themselves away from the shopping mart so we stitched a bit and then went to an early dinner at Outback with Pete, Jo's husband. I made quite a lot of progress on my Stitcher's Wallet SAL. A really nice day all around! It was great to see good stitching friends again! I just wish Joanie and Sue had managed to join us as well. Maybe next year ladies right?


Carol said...

It was great to see you on Friday!!! Your fabrics are sooo pretty - great choices, and your fun quakers and stuff will be wonderful on them - can't wait to see what you stitch! We should do a birthday trip to ABC Stitch Therapy again this year, shouldn't we?

Barbara said...

What cool fabrics! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

Kiwi Jo said...

It was great to see you again Patti! I know Pete enjoyed having dinner with you again too :) Your fabrics are so cool - very summery. Hope Cowboy was pleased to see you.

Michelle said...

Love the fabrics you chose - they would look great for modern quakers!

Glory Bee said...

It was wonderful seeing you and everyone on Friday. I had a blast and can't wait to get together again....Nancy

PS I finally figured out how to post!