May 25, 2007


TGFLW stands for Thank Goodness for Long Weekends! It's the unofficial start of summer here in Maine and we kicked it off with 90+ degree weather~heavenly! The pup got his own pool and has already been swimming twice and I got a lovely package full of this:

This is Elann Callista in the Tarragon colorway and I bought it for the Summer Tunic KAL. I'm planning to start my gauge swatch tomorrow so I can be all set for the June 1st kick off date. I also received these in the box with my Callista...

I just couldn't resist the lure of this cotton yarn and the price was great. The color on the left is Burnt Tangerine and the color on the right is Oasis. I bought 10 balls of each color. I'm sure I can find some kind of summer tank or sweater that this yarn will work for!

This was my first time ordering yarn from Elann and I have to say it won't be my last. I got my order from Washington state in two days!

On a stitching note, here is a picture of my morning project. I've been able to put in a few stitches before work each day this week and I'm pretty pleased with my progress.

Tonight is my SAL with Joanie and Sue on the Stitcher's Wallet. I made some progress on it this morning and after work but I will show you that tomorrow in case I pick it up again. I hope your Memorial Day weekend is off to a most excellent start! I will take a picture of Cowboy in his pool tomorrow!


lobstah said...

Ooh, pretty yarns! Can't wait to see what they morph into. I also love the little owl in the cross-stitch - one of my favorite birds.
Hope you have a good long weekend too :)

Barbara said...

Those yarns are scrummy! I could seriously live in colors like that. Ask my DH - green and orange, that's me.

I can't wait to see Cowboy in his pool! What a great idea! Our Rigby would love that, but I'm not sure how ... sanitary it would be because I'm sure the kids would jump in, too.... LOL!