March 1, 2008

Enough is enough already......

It's hard to believe that spring will ever come when the snow just keeps coming - 10 plus inches at least today.

This was the view out my back door today - that's my car. And on the right, the view over to my neighbor's house. I literally can't see them when they're standing in their driveway becasue the snow pile between our houses is so huge.

This left photo is a small maple tree that stands in my front yard - and the snow bank that has come from shoveling my sidewalk. I literally had to toss today's snow over my head - and over the pile so it couldn't slide back down onto the sidewalk. The photo on the right is the sidwalk before I shoveled.
And the view down the street.....just think, all this has to melt - and go somewhere.....the fun never ends.


Sue said...

Hi Patty! I hate to say this but from a "distance"...the snow is very pretty. That coming from NoVA that has had nothing but ice storms this year :(
I saw on the news that roofs are collapsing up there in Laconia from the weight of the snow.

Barbara said...

Blame the groundhog!

Michelle said...

I can't believe all that snow! They are forecasting snow for us today in Texas - I won't hold my breath.